Famous Cowboys . . .

Addison Jones, Range BossAddison Jones, Range Boss

Mr. Add was one of the cowboys who rode the Goodnight Loving Trail in New Mexico without getting into range feuds or getting his names in the newspaper.  Add was a range boss of the LFD outfit and he usually headed a crew of south Texas black cowboys. 

Howard Thorp, a cowboy songwriter and ballad collector said, "Add was one of the best cowhands on the Pecos River".  Cowmen from Tozah, Texas, to Las Vegas, and New Mexico knew Add and many of them at different times, had worked on roundups with him."

Experience as a range boss made Add an expert.  He became famous among the cattlemen of the southwest and eventually became the subject of a cowboy song. Howard Thorp said, "the song concerns a critter found in one roundup and claimed by no one.  Add was a dictionary on earmarks and brands.  However, he was puzzled on this one and he read the tally of the brands: She's got O Block an' Lightnin' Rod, Nine Forty-Six an' A Bar Eleven,  Rafter Cross an' de double prod, Terrapin an' Ninety-Seven; Half Circle A an' Three PZ; BWL, Bar xvv, Bar N Cross an' ALC. Since none of the cow punchers claimed the critter, Add said, "I'll just add my own band, cause one more brand or less won't do no harm".

Mr. Add told a friend that he was going to get married on Christmas Day and the news spread to all of the ranchers.  They all knew and liked Add.  The ranchers and all of their wives decided to send presents, and in their practicality, all decided on the same gift. When Mr. Add and his bride rode on their wedding day to the Roswell Freight Depot, they found 19 cook stoves waiting for them.