Famous Cowboys . . .

Bronco SamBronco Sam

Sam wasn't afraid of anything and he could ride any horse.  His crew decided to rope the biggest longhorn in the herd and saddle it and have the Black bronco-buster ride it through the town of Cheyenne. Sam liked the idea.  They roped it and he rode it right down the main street with the crew whooping and hollering and swinging knotted ropes to drive the bucking steer.

Sam's mount was frantic.  It was a frightened, wild-eyed steer pitching and bawling. When it saw itself reflected in the glass window of the clothing store, it stopped and pawed the ground, then it took off and charged right through the window, down the aisles over the counter, and around the shelves. Sales clerks went diving for corners for protection, while the steer plunged through the clothing racks. Then it charged back out through the empty window frame.

Sam was still in the saddle with the steer's horns decorated with pants, coats, underwear, and other odds and ends of gearing. The steer was still jumping as the cowboys closed in to drive it toward the herd.  Sam shouted, "I brought out a suit of clothes for everybody in the crew".

Sam was cool.  When he got off that steer, he roped his horse and they all went back into town. When the storekeeper saw the crew, he gave them a cold reception. Sam was unruffled, he smiled, gave his apologies and asked very politely what the damages were.  The shopkeeper got the books and tallied up the bill. When the shopkeeper told him the price was $350. Sam never batted an eye. He just peeled it off and handed it over. Sam later went back to work on a ranch near Cheyenne.